Frequently Asked Questions


What is the safest distance to shoot On Point Steel Targets?

We recommend maintaining a safe shooting distance of 15 yards with pistol rounds and 25 yards with rifles rounds.


What is the largest caliber that can be shot at the AR550 target?

With a distance of 100 yards or more, our AR550 plate has been tested to withstand calibers like: .308, 30-06, 7mm Mag, .300 Win Mag, and .338 Lapua Mag.


What type of warranty do the targets come with?

There is a lifetime limited warranty on the legs and stand. There is also a limited warrantee on the AR500 and AR550 plate. Each case will be evaluated individually.  All rules to distance must be maintained and although you may shoot these with Steel core or AP rounds, this will void any warrantee.

What are the legs and stand made out of?

Unlike anyone in the industry, we make 100% of our targets from the highest base of AR50 and AR550 steel plate.  This will ensure your targets functions perfectly for years to come.

Can I purchase locally?

On Point Steel Targets are available for sale at Hodson and Son Firearms located at 7th Ave and Deer Valley. Phoenix, AZ.

How can I become a retailer?

Please contact us by email for individual inquiries.

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